coperture termoisolanti
copripallet copricarrello termici
copripallet protezione termica
copricarrello isolamento termico
copripallet monouso multiuso
trasporti refrigerati
contenitori isotermici
stoccaggio refrigerato
trasporto refrigerato container
trasporto refrigerato aereo

Thermal covers

ISOFORM thermal insulating covers are designed to preserve the optimal temperature of products and perishables.

ISOFORM range of thermal covers includes:


for thermal protection of pallets
during transport, loading/unloading and storage,
when exposure to excessively cold/hot temperatures
may damage products and goods.


to preserve goods and raw materials
from thermal shocks
during their internal handling
in production sites and warehouses.

The Isoform range offers a variety of covers protecting from excessive cold and excessive heat. The products differ according to USABILITY (disposable or reusable) and THERMAL INSULATION EFFICACY.

The main applications for ISOFORM covers are management, handling and storage of:


Special application of ISOFORM thermal covers

Thanks to their efficient thermal insulation properties, Isoform products are successfully used in many different areas. To address particularly common problems, specific Isoform products have been developed for:

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Special Projects

All products may be:

Customized roll cover
Customized pallet cover
Roll cover with zip