The Isoform range offers a variety of covers to insulate pallets from excessive cold and excessive heat. The products differ according to usability (disposable or reusable) and level of thermal insulation.

The range of reusable products includes:

Isoform Polar

The cover that guarantees maximum thermal insulation

Isoform Artik

Effective, thin and easy-to-handle

Isoform Alaska

The robust and resistant cover

Isoform Siberia

For short-medium term handling operations,
even outdoor

Isoform disposable products are cost-effective solutions recommended when the pallet cover cannot be salvaged:

Isoform Tundra

The value-for-money cover

Isoform Tundra LC

Tundra low cost, an even less expensive Tundra version

Isoform Igloo

The super-cheap cover

Pallet protections also include some accessories, which help reaching higher insulation levels:

Isoform Insulating Carpets

For 100% protection

Isoform Frozen Gels

To keep low temperatures longer within pallets